Re-elect Nancy as County Commissioner in CD 4.. Nancy supports evidence based practices, energy development, transportation, coordinating the changes in health care network...

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As a Liaison to the Facilities Department, I work with our new facilities director to develop a long range strategic plan for  county facilities to include an emergency response program for county buildings...


Walk CD4 Saturdays

25  Oct 10:00 AM

Meet at 12229 E Amherst Cir, Dam East, Aurora

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23 Oct 6:00-8 PM phone bank

rescheduled to Oct 30th due to Bronco game

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"We Are All In It Together"

What Does A CountyCommissioner Do?

The most common question I get when I tell people that I am a County Commissioner is: “What does a County Commissioner do?” Here  is a brief description from Arapahoe County Colorado Board of County Commissioners website.

The Board of County Commissioners serves as the administrative and policy-making body for Arapahoe County and is elected by voters to represent five districts.  The board:

Oversees departments

Approves budgets for all departments

Hires the management team

Administers county services

Oversees land-use planning and development within unincorporated

Arapahoe County

Vote Nov 4th

Turn in  your ballot by  7 PM

Register to Vote

​Last day to register Oct 27th

To give you a better idea of what I do, here is a summary of my year:

Although all policy and land use decisions are made by the five member board, each Commissioner has duties beyond the formal decision making process.  Since there is no county manager, each Commissioner is liaison to departments. Each liaison relationship is unique, but this year, as the Liaison to the Facilities Department we are working on a long range strategic plan for the county’s facilities...

Map of District 4

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Walk CD4 Wednesdays

29 Oct 2:00 PM

Will advise on location

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Walk CD4  Sundays

26 Oct 10:00 AM 

Meet- 12229 E Amherst Cir, Dam East, Aurora​

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Help with Yard Signs

Help with Yard Signs

30 Oct 6:00-8 PM

Phone Bank for Nancy at Arapahoe Dems, dinner served. For more details  Contact Susan

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