What I'm Doing

"Bottom line: I try, to the best of my ability, to Advocate for the diverse citizens of my constituency and use the skills and tools within my capacity to do the best for the citizens of Arapahoe County. I sincerely feel that it is an honor to serve."

The most common question I get when I tell people that I am a county commissioner, is “What does a County Commissioner do?”  Perhaps a summary of my Recent Projects and 2013 Boards, Committees and Commissions on which I serve will help answer your question.

We're all in it together and that means that we need to work together, listen and respect one another, and use our resources wisely.”.

Long Range Planning with Facilities Department
This year, I was the Liaison to the Facilities Department with our new facilities director and we are working on a long range strategic plan for the county’s facilities.  Our plan includes the County Scorecard described below..

Constructing the County Scorecard
With the Public Works Department, the focus this year was on leadership development of the management team.  County Elected officials, department heads, others, and I participated with the Office of Performance Management in a series of meetings and task forces that will result in County-wide measurable goals that will guide us to making effective use of resources, well as enable a scorecard which will be on our County website to show the public how well we are progressing on each of our goals.

Creating More Transparency
I worked with the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)  Committee to create a more transparent process for prioritizing capital improvement projects that analyzes long range needs balanced with maintenance and unexpected needs.

Fundraising for Ten Scholarships

I chaired the Arapahoe County Foundation to create a tax-exempt entity that can raise funds for the Fairgrounds and the Arapahoe County Mayors and Commissioners Scholarships, the Hope fund, and other Arapahoe County special projects; And I am especially proud of our successful Mayors and Commissioners Scholarship event held at Centennial Airport, which raised sufficient funds for 10 scholarships. 

Supporting Evidence-Based Practices

It just makes sense that we utilize appropriate research as the foundation of our decisions and policy. Due to my background and interests, I am an advocate and supporter of applying Evidence-Based Practices to the Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Human Services systems. Through my involvement in various boards, committees, commissions, and legislative advocacy, I can support policies and practices that have research proven outcomes. An example of implementing Evidence Based practices is the Arapahoe County Justice Coordinating Committee which is going through a strategic planning process. This process was kicked off by two meetings funded by a Lily Foundation grant.  One issue that came out of the first session was how to make Problem Solving Courts sustainable, rather than relying on grants to fund them.  I am currently working with others on seeking alternative funding.  

Another example, at Colorado Counties Inc (CCI) I participated in creating a new sub-committee, Public Safety and Justice, which I am currently chairing. This committee reviews legislation and votes on whether to support, monitor, or oppose. 

Creating RISE
In the spring, I participated on the State task force on Restoration of Competency in a jail based setting which resulted in the innovative RISE (Restoring Individual Safely and Effectively) program at Arapahoe County Detention Center.  Briefly, the Restoration to Competency program is an intensive program for people who otherwise would have to be sent to the state hospital for the opportunity to attend the program.  Arapahoe County has a unique regional program that started this fall.

Communicating Health Care Network Changes
As the County Liaison to Tri-County Health Department, I am helping communicate their important role in the changing health care network.  I also had the privilege of participating in the Selection process for the new CEO, Dr. John Douglas last spring,

Recent Projects

Although all policy and land use decisions are made by the five member board, each commissioner has duties beyond the formal decision making process.  Since there is no county manager, each commissioner is liaison to departments. Each liaison relationship is unique.

Nancy Jackson


Elected 2010

District: County Commissioner District 4


Areas of expertise: 
Performance Management, Organizational Development,  Management, Communication, Project Development, Advocacy

Nancy's Profile

2013 Projects

Boards, Committees, and Commissions  I Served

         Arapahoe County:

  •  Liaison to Facilities and Office of     Performance Management
  • CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) Committee
  • Tri-County Health Liaison
  • Arapahoe County Justice Coordinating Committee
  • Arapahoe County Foundation



  • Aurora Fox Board Member
  • Legislative and Transportation Committees
  • Aurora Mental Health Board
  • Developmental Pathways


  • Aurora Fox Board Member
  • Legislative and Transportation Committees
  • Aurora Mental Health Board
  • Developmental Pathways Board

        CCI: Public Lands, Agricultural and Wild

        Life; Chair: Public Safety and Justice


        NaCO: Health Steering Committee,

        Behavioral Health Sub-Committee


(in alphabetical order)

Aurora Sentinel 10/10/14 "...Nancy Jackson is the right choice for District 4"

Harold Anderson, Mayor of Lone Tree

Representative Rhonda Fields, Colorado House District 42

Kevin Hougen, President/ CEO, Aurora Chambers of Commerce

Kenneth C. McKlem, Fraternal Order of Police

Council Member Molly Markert, Aurora City Council Ward IV

Grayson Robinson, retired Arapahoe ounty Sheriff

Representative Su Ryden, Colorado House of Representatives House District 36

Senator Nancy Todd, Colorado Senate District 28

"...Nancy Jackson the right choice for District 4"

Aurora Sentinel 10/10/2014

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